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    5 Types of Roofing That Work for Southlake, TX Homes

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    The materials used for different elements of a house are essential both for its strength and for obtaining an overall aesthetic appearance. Roofing materials are no exception.

    Here are some of the materials preferred by roofing experts such as CLC Roofing Southlake and recommended for residential clients.

    1. Metal tiles

    Metal shingles are nowadays some of the materials that are used most often for the construction of different roofs. They can reach a service life of up to 50-60 years, have particular resistance to weathering, high durability, very light weight, and the quality-price ratio is excellent.

    1. Ceramic tiles

    Available in different shades, ceramic tiles provide very good thermal and sound protection and the aspect of such a roof will look absolutely great even after 50 years and even more. It is also one of the materials that allow excellent natural ventilation of the upper structure of the house.

    1. Concrete tiles

    Concrete tiles are excellent in protecting the house from climatic factors, ensuring a very good waterproofness. Smooth surface and high mechanical strength are other pros related to this roofing material.

    1. Bituminous shingles

    This material is suitable for the construction of any type of roof, having multiple design possibilities and a very decent price. Not the most durable material, but the variety of colors and shapes, as well as the easy installation are other advantages to take into account.

    1. Single-ply membrane

    Membranes are used for commercial flat roofs, but there are more and more homes that also have flat roofs – especially modern houses, with a geometric style. So, using a suitable coating solution is important, and various types of single-ply membranes are an excellent and very durable option.