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    Are Roofers Able To Repair Interior Water Damage

    Interior Roof Repair Front Porch

    Some roofing problems, especially if they are not identified in the right time, will come with interior water damage. In this case, the first thing people do is call a roofer.

    A roofer is trained and equipped to do the following tasks:

    • Inspecting a damaged roof in order to determine the best course of action
    • Identifying and patching roof leaks
    • Fixing other roof problems
    • Performing a new roof installation
    • Performing maintenance operations, according to the type of the roof and the materials it is made of
    • Providing clients with estimates on materials and labor costs
    • Helping clients in the insurance claim process

    On the other hand, repairing interior water damage is not the competence of a roofer, not even if the damage is the direct consequence of a roof failure. For such roof repair Southlake TX services, you will have to contact a water restoration company. They are the ones equipped to clean up the mess caused by a water leak, which means that they can get you rid of all the water infiltrated in the attic and in the walls, and they might also be able to restore at least some of your belongings affected by water (carpets, furniture…).


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