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    Are Wood Shingles A Good Option?


    good idea roof repair wood shingles roofing productIf you prefer a rather traditional aspect of your house, you could cover it with wooden shingles. Wood shingles have been used for hundreds of years to cover houses and other types of buildings.

    This material is manufactured from different wood species (cedar is very popular!) – typically hard and resistant wood essences.

    What are the advantages of such a roof? First of all, the low weight of the wooden shingles makes the construction more resistant, especially in areas with high seismic risk. If you decide to cover your house with wooden shingles, you save money, because the resistance structure of the house no longer needs to be reinforced.

    Wood shingles are a very good natural thermal insulator and can withstand all weather conditions. They are very flexible, which is a characteristic of all natural materials, and have no problems with heat expansion and shrinkage, generated by variations in temperature and freeze-thaw cycles. The simple treatment with special wood protection solutions makes this roofing material resistant to water, but also to fire.

    Wood shingles is an eco-friendly material that, evaluated in terms of price, quality, durability and aesthetics, is a very good option for various types of roofs and house styles with little roof repair Southlake TX area needed.


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