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How To Prevent Roof Mold From Damaging Your Shingles

One of the problems you may experience with your roof is the appearance of mold on the shingles and what may seem like an aesthetic problem only, it can turn into something worse. There is no mold growth without a propitious environment (moisture resulting from water...

Protecting Your Home Exterior From Storm Damage

Storm damage can affect the exterior of your home in multiple ways: walls and siding materials damaged by hail, fallen trees or flying debris, as well as broken windows, water penetrations etc. As a homeowner, especially if you live in an area prone to frequent...

How to Decide More Easily on a New Roofing Material to Choose

Replacing your roof is not an easy choice, especially if you’ve already seen all the problems with your old roofing material, and you want to choose a new type of construction that doesn’t look so bad and has more positive functional aspects that you can depend on....