roofing residential and commercial company

Commercial roofing is not the same thing with residential roofing. If you are not a roofing specialist and never had to deal with a roofing Southlake TX project as a building owner either, you may think “Why so much fuss? Roofing is roofing, right?”

Well… no, that is not exactly right.

Commercial roofing typically deals with different roofs, materials and technologies than residential roofing. That is because most commercial roofs are flat, covered with membranes or metal, while most residential roofs are pitched, some of them actually have very complex shapes and are covered with shingles, tiles etc.

A Southlake roofer may handle both types of roofing, if they have adequate resources and experience – experience can always make a significant difference.

Professional roofers share a common basic training, but, in time, they tend to specialize either on commercial roofing, or on residential roofing. Why not on both? – Because the roofing industry evolves constantly and one must keep up with new materials and new technologies in order to be able to build a good reputation for themselves. This is why, even if they have a common training and, theoretically, they could deal with any kind of roof, most roofers choose to specialize on either commercial or residential roofs, to provide not just average services, but high quality services and build an impeccable reputation. Of course, there are roofing companies that hire workers specialized in both fields, so they can handle both type of projects smoothly and deliver top-notch results.