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    Common Solutions for Roof Leak Repair Southlake Experts Would Recommend

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    Wet stains on the ceiling can mean that water is seeping through the roof or they can warn you that the roof retains moisture. Therefore, you need to find out, as quickly as possible, the reasons why water is leaking through the roof and eliminate these causes. This way, you will avoid high costs with roof repairs or replacement.

    Southlake roofing experts recommend regular inspection of the roof, regardless of its age, after severe meteorological phenomena (hail storms, strong winds, heavy snow falls etc.). It is also necessary to clean the gutters and downspouts, thus ensuring unobstructed drainage of water.

    What should you do when we notice a water stain on your ceiling, or when the water start to drip?

    1. Protect interior spaces

    Protect all surfaces that could be damaged by water leaking through the ceiling. Remove furniture, carpets and electronic devices from affected areas. Wipe and dry wet surfaces. Place buckets or other recipients to collect the water safely.

    1. Rehabilitate the affected areas

    Try to determine the reason for the water leaking through the roof. Roof shingles or tiles may be broken or missing, or the roof drainage system is not fully functional. Other affected areas, such as insulation or wooden structure must be rehabilitated.

    1. Contact a Southlake roofing expert with for repairs.

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