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    Deciding Between Metal And Asphalt Roofing

    Value Of Choosing The Right Roofing Products

    If you plan to install a metal roof on your house, it is important to take into account the pros and cons of this material against other more common materials, such as asphalt.  Also for roofing Southlake TX homes, it’s important to consider climate when choosing the type of materials to use.

    Pros of a metal roof

    When properly installed, this type of roof should last as long as the building is standing, sealing it against water infiltrations, withstanding strong winds and preventing snow accumulation. Metal is resistant to fire, mold, insects and rot. Warranties vary greatly but most companies offer up to 50 years. Only paint finishes have a limited warranty (typically 30 years).

    Metal sheets and shingles are also lightweight, they are easy to install and can be applied on an existing roof without removing it or to strengthen the roof`s structure. Metal reflects the radiant heat from the sun, minimizing its absorption. This means that you can save energy used for air conditioning, during the day.

    Benefits of asphalt roofs

    Asphalt is a very common roofing materials and not because it is the most resistant or durable, but because it offers the best ratio between price and quality. An asphalt roof typically comes with 20-year warranties and offers fairly good protection and fire resistance for an affordable price.


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