Different Types Of Roofing Materials

Roofing materials come in a very wide array and new materials join the already long list every year – here are the most common choices right now:

  • Asphalt shingles – available at many quality levels and in a wide price range, asphalt shingles are preferred for their affordability, for the wide range of colors and textures that allow building owners to pick the variety that best matches the overall design of their home, for easy installation and for low maintenance needs;
  • Metal roofs – back in the day, all metal roofs consisted of large panels. Nowadays, the choice is much wider, allowing buyers to choose from smaller panels, shingles, even tile-shaped components. Metal roofing materials are made from different alloys, but they all offer durability, resistance to the elements as well as to pests, easy installation and longevity without too much maintenance;
  • Clay and concrete tiles – one of the most traditional roofing materials, clay and concrete tiles are attractive, durable and can endure a lot, including wind, rain, snow, fire and pests. The material is heavy and expensive, but it offers special curb appeal that can last for over 100 years;
  • Built-up roofs – BUR solutions usually combine sheets of asphalt or tar with aggregate, such as river stone, to provide cheap and durable solutions for flat roofs or for roofs that very feature very low sloping angles.  No matter what type of roofing materials you choose, they should be installed by roofing Southlake TX professionals.