extended roofing warranty new homeowner coverageRoof warranties are very important for protecting your investment and for your peace of mind. In general, roof warranties are offered for the materials (by manufacturers) and for workmanship (installation, repairs performed by a licensed roofer).

Warranties promise that the roof will stand for a certain time period, depending on the materials it is made from. But what happens if your roof is still under warranty and you sell your house? Will the new owner be able to take advantage of it?

The good news is that there are manufacturers who provide transferable warranties. In this case, when you sell your house, you will be allowed to also transfer the warranty to the new owner. However, there are a few important things you must know:

  • In some cases, a roof warranty is only transferable once, so the subsequent owner will not be able to transfer it in turn, even if it is still active.
  • Some roof warranties cannot be transferred at all to future owners, so make sure you know what type of warranties you have, to be able to inform your prospective buyers about them.
  • Transferring your roof warranty typically requires a monetary fee.

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