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    Factors To Consider When Selecting A Metal Roof Versus A Shingle Roof For Your Home

    metal roof repair considerations

    More and more people opt for metal roofs because it comes with many benefits that cannot be overlooked.

    The supporting structure for this type of roof is easy to make, largely due to the fact that the metal roof is lightweight compared to a shingle roof; the load it brings on a roof`s structure is less than 10kg/ sq. meter ( compared to other materials that can reach 30-40 kg/ sq. meter). A metal roof can even be mounted on an existing old roof.

    Installation is performed quickly, the renowned manufacturers offering complete systems for solving the characteristic details of a shingled roof – gutters – ridges – vents – roof penetration – various accessories.

    There are manufacturers that cover the outer surface of the metal cover materials with a layer of quartz sand that is subsequently painted – the final result being much more aesthetically pleasing than the glossy paint finish. This coating also offers better sound insulation properties and less roof repair Southlake TX area is needed.

    Depending on the manufacturer, a metal roof is typically very well protected against corrosion.

    Under the cover materials, a metal roof forms a ventilation layer, from the eaves to the ridge, which is beneficial for the living space arranged immediately under the roof (the attic).


    • Sound insulation and thermal characteristics are lower compared to a shingle roof.
    • From an aesthetic point of view, it is inferior to shingles and tiles, the appearance being practically an imitation of them.