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    Getting Your Roof Winter Ready

    Winter Roofing Roof Ready

    When the winter sun melts the snow incompletely and it freezes again, ice dams and icicles begin to form on the edges of the roofs, which in time can cause serious damage to the building and also become a danger to vehicles and pedestrians. To avoid these problems as well as the manual cleaning of the ice, it is necessary to do some preparations to get your roof winter ready. In this case, we are talking about installing heating cables along the gutters.

    These systems designed to melt snow and ice on roofs can be applied to any type of roof to avoid the accumulation of snow, the formation of ice and the deterioration of the building itself because of frost-thaw cycles specific to the cold season. The melting system must be installed along the edges of the roof or in places where there is a risk of ice and snow accumulation. This system also prevents damage to gutters and downspouts, by efficiently melting the ice and allowing water to be properly collected from the roof and evacuated.

    A de-icing roofing Southlake TX system has a thermostat that ensures optimum results at the lowest possible energy consumption. Such results have been obtained thanks to the high precision indicators of the meteorological sensors and the functioning of the thermostats, ensuring an automatic control of the heating by turning on/ off the system at the right time.


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