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    Here Are the Most Prevalent Scams You Need to Check for in Texas

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    Roofing in Texas is typically taken seriously, as there are countless of experienced, skilled and talented roofing specialists out there who will guarantee a good enough quality level on your next roofing project. However, not all roofers are the same, and while some are legitimate, others are downright con artists.


    A new law that came into effect on September the 1st of last year forbids contractors and roofers in the state of Texas from waiving an insurance deductible or promise a rebate for either the entire deductible or part of it. If a contractor you find provides this offer, that’s a clear sign of a roofing scam.


    Another scam that’s quite prevalent in central Texas is that of roofers asking for a lot of money upfront.  It’s natural to provide a small amount (usually around 10%) upfront at the beginning of a project to ensure that you’re serious about paying the roofers for their services. However, asking for more than that, or asking for the upfront money before the materials even arrive to the site is a definite red flag.


    Finally, door to door salesmen offering roofing services after a storm are quite frequent in Texas. However, even if they don’t have a scam lined up, these roofers are typically just looking for a quick buck, and you should treat them with great caution. If you choose to engage one of these roofers, make sure you do a thorough background check on them and their company, before accepting them to work on your property.  Otherwise, look locally at places like CLC Roofing in Southlake for the best roofing services.

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