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    How Are Roofers Able to Stay Safe on a Pitched Roof?

    pitched roof roofing contractor staying safe safety ladder in place

    If you want to install a new roof, it’s essential that you make sure your workers stay safe. This is something every Southlake roofing contractor knows about and puts in practice on a regular basis. However, aside from just making sure that they have the right insurance for the job in question, roofers are also required to wear protective gear and use safety items that are rated at an above average standard.


    Ladders and harnesses are among the most essential safety items that roofing companies have to focus on. A good, sturdy ladder will ensure that roofers can climb up to the roof without being in danger of the ladder slipping or breaking under their weight. Metal ladders are used more frequently for that purpose, instead of wood and other materials that could break or deteriorate more easily.


    Harnesses and safety gear has to typically be tailored to the size and weight of each worker for better comfort and safety. Although not all contractors ensure a detailed level of personalization, most will support the use of all the most important safety items, such as head protection and boots, as well as other items that might be required in certain cases, such as gloves and goggles/