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    How Do I Know My Roofer Represents A Legitimate Business

    Integrity Trust Honesty Roof Company RoofersWhen you plan a roofing project, it is of utmost importance to hire a legit roofer – which means a licensed and certified roofer – because you need roof company Southlake specialists willing to stand behind their work instead of taking your money and disappear.

    There are a few details you can check.

    1. The company is locally established, has a physical office and a good local reputation

    Local roofers typically meet these requirements, as they are a part of the local community. But if a company shows up at your door after a storm which wants to convince you to hire its service without being able to show you proof of having license and a local business address, you should say “No, thanks!” and move on.

    1. The company does not push you to sign a contract, not asks you money upfront

    These are typical behaviors of scam businesses; a reliable roofer does not operate this way.

    1. Free detailed estimate

    Ad a client, you must receive a written estimate before signing any contract.  You can trust the accuracy of such an estimate only if a representative of the roofing company comes by and inspect your roof. This inspection must be physical, not online or by phone, as it involves important measurements and calculations that will also appear in the contract.

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