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    How Does Your Roofing System Work?

    How Does Complete Roofing System CLC Roofing Work

    Roofing systems, whatever material they are made from, are complex, multi-layered structures made from durable and weather-resistant components – here is how they work.

    There Is More Than Meets the Eye

    Roofs are not made up only from the material you see on the surface. The lowest layer of any roof consists of rafters for support, followed by a layer of plywood and sheathing to prevent the penetration of moisture. The topmost layer of the roof, the one that is visible from the outside, is installed on top of the sheathing.

    How Your Roof Protects Your Building

    The roof on your building provides protection from sunshine, wind, rain and snow. While the wind and solar protection role of your roof is obvious, water protection is a more complex process:

    • Protection from rain – rainwater hits the roof surface, then it runs down on the sides of the roof (even flat roofs have a small sloping angle) and it is gathered in the gutter pipes that direct the water away from the building and into the soil;
    • Protection from snow – the roof holds the layer of snow until warm weather melts the white blanket, transforming it into water. From that phase onwards, the process is similar to the way your roof protects you from rain.

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