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    How Is A Leak Typically Fixed on A Residential Roof?

    Roofer repair roof leak

    Roof leaks can be caused by many things, the repair method being selected based on the source of the problem. Here are the most common roof leak repair Southlake methods:

    • The first step always: identify the source – to be able to select the right repair technique, you first of all need to find the source. If you have an attic, go up there and look for signs of moisture, such as damp patch on the attic floor – the leak is likely to be right above the patch;
    • The most common leak sources – water penetrates the deeper layers of the roof through gaps, cracks or holes. The most common culprits are damaged roof covering elements, such as broken, cracked, curling or blistering shingles, missing or cracked tiles or damage flashing stripes around the roof openings;
    • The repair procedure – after identifying the leak source, the damaged component needs to be replaced. If the problem is caused by one damaged tile or one shingle, you can easily replace it yourself (using adequate safety gear, including suitable work clothes and fall arrest harnesses), but if the damage is extensive, it is recommended to turn to a professional roofer to perform the repair work for you.

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