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    How Long Do Roof Replacements Last?

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    Roof replacement is, in most cases, a complex process that includes multiple phases, from the removal of the old roof, the delivery of the new roofing materials, the actual installation process and the disposal of the waste as well. However, complexity is not the only factor that will influence the duration of your roof replacement project – typically, a roof on a 1,000-2,000 square foot home takes up to 3 days, but there are many other aspects that will influence how long you will have to endure the disruption. Here are some:

    • The weather – no roofing work can be done when it is raining, snowing, when there is a strong wind blowing or the temperature is below the working range indicated in for specific procedures;
    • Complete or partial roof replacement – a partial replacement can be completed faster for obvious reasons;
    • Structural replacement or only the installation of the roof covering – if the replacement process involves the removal of old beams, planks and other components of the decking, the process will take longer than projects that only involve the installation of new shingles, tiles or covering panels;
    • The material used – some roofing materials, such as metal panels, shingles and tiles take shorter to be installed, while natural materials, such as slate and wood, require special knowledge and are installed at a slower pace;
    • Removal of the old layer – if your home is resistant enough, some materials, most notably metal panels and shingles, can be installed on top of the old roof layer, which shortens and simplifies the process duration.

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