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    How To Prevent Roof Mold From Damaging Your Shingles

    Mold Prevention With Roof Repair Inspection SpecialistsOne of the problems you may experience with your roof is the appearance of mold on the shingles and what may seem like an aesthetic problem only, it can turn into something worse. There is no mold growth without a propitious environment (moisture resulting from water infiltrations or improper ventilation).

    As a homeowner, if you fail to address the problem of mold growing on your roof, you risk dealing with much costlier problems in the future.

    Unlike moss and algae that may also grow on the roof, mold does not represent healthy flora; therefore, besides contributing to reducing the longevity of your roof, mold can also spread easily and reach your indoor environment, contaminating your walls, furniture and the air that you breathe. Besides its rancid smell and ugly appearance, mold can also create health problems.

    The best thing you can do about it is to be preventative. Schedule biannual inspections performed by roof repair Southlake TX specialists, to check the sanitation of your house and the roof`s integrity. Trim tree branches hanging over the roof and clear any other debris or potential obstruction in your gutters, to avoid moisture. Alternatively, you can consider a roofing material designed to be resistant against mold, or treat your existent shingles for better moisture resistance. Finally yet importantly, make sure that your roof is properly ventilated.