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    How To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof

    Southlake Hail Roofing Repair

    Identifying hail damage on your roof might be more difficult than you think – while large hail usually leaves behind obvious signs of damage, small hail stones might leave damage that is more concealed, more difficult to spot, but that is just as important to fix. Here is what to look for if you suspect that your roof has sustained hail damage:

    • Damage on metal components – if you have metal gutters or a metal roof, the damage caused by hail will most probably manifest in the form of smaller or larger dents;
    • Damage on the ridge cap – the ridge is the highest point of the roof and the part that receives the most severe beating from hail, therefore the roofing section that is the most likely to have suffered damage. Check the ridge for any cracks, chipped edges or missing elements;
    • Damage on the roofing surface – hail damage looks different depending on the roofing material. If you have a metal roof, look for dents; shingle roofs need to be checked for curling and blistering shingles as well as for shingles that are torn or that no longer have the surface granules and have the deeper layers, such as the mat, exposed.  Hire CLC Roofing of Southlake for expert roof installations and repairs of any kind.

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