Hail Stones Damage Roofing Repair Contractor

Hailstorms may cause damage to buildings, cars, crops, and also harm people or animals.

Damage caused by hailstones less than 1 inch in circumference is not very obvious and, in the worst case, has some minor aesthetic consequences. Damage caused by 1-2 inches hailstones can be visible on soft metal and on roof shingles, while damages caused by larger hailstones is visible throughout the entire roof and require repair from a Southlake roofing contractor with experience.

But the roof is not the only element on your property that may get hail damage. You should also check your home`s façade, your patio furniture and your car. Except for the roof, which has to be climbed, identifying hail damage is relatively straightforward.

Search for damage on metal and wooden elements

Hail damage on metal elements (metal roofing materials, ridge cap, gutters, siding etc.) looks like round dings and dents that also indicate pretty accurately the size of the hailstones. On wooden elements, hail damage is typically defined as a split or puncture.

Search for damage on other materials

Asphalt shingles may have areas where you can notice the black substrate, which means that the protective granules are missing, probably as a consequence of being knocked off by hailstones.

On ceramic shingles, you may notice bruising, small cracks or missing pieces