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    Keeping Track of Your Summer Roof Maintenance Checklist – What You Need to Remember

    Roofing Contractor Summer Maintenance ChecklistSummer roof maintenance is all about keeping your roof in good order and preparing it for the fall season – which, in most areas, is quite a challenge due to prolonged rainfall and rapidly diminishing temperatures. Fortunately, the summertime presents most of us with excellent conditions for roofing, and the summer roof maintenance checklist you need to keep track of is not that long.


    The first thing you have to keep in mind is to look for any debris and damage left behind by the spring rainfall. In most areas, spring can be quite damaging for just about any roofing system, since it involves a lot of rain as well as fluctuating temperature conditions and even hail or late snow storms.


    So make sure you check or have a Southlake roofing contractor check for roof debris and water damage, as well as leaks. Also, clean your roof of any broken branches or fallen leaves that might end up clogging your gutter system, as well as caterpillars, insects and other pests that might have infested your roof during the springtime.


    To prepare your roofing system for the fall, you have to be aware of the type of roof you own. Wood, asphalt shingle and composite roofing will need some added maintenance tasks, such as more frequent checking for water damage and termites, or the need to check for hidden damage and leaks that aren’t immediately visible.