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    Key Problems Areas for Most Roofs

    Roof Company Solutions Roof ProblemsAll building components and systems have weak points, roofing systems being no exceptions. Being aware of the problem areas that need more attention can help you prolong the lifespan of your roof – here are the roofing components that need more care:

    • The fascia – also known as the roof trim, the fascia is the horizontal band underneath the roof edge that serves ornamental as well as protection purposes. The component is sensitive to water damage, so inspect it regularly for signs of rot and rust;
    • The flashing – the stripes of material installed in roof valleys and around roof openings, such as chimneys and skylights serve the purpose of strengthening the roof where its continuity has been broken. Flashing stripes need to be inspected for cracks and improper adhesion whenever the roof is inspected and any damaged stripes need to be replaced straight away;
    • The gutters – the pipes play an essential role in protecting your entire building against water damage by directing excessive water coming from rain and snow away from the roof and the walls. To ensure the proper performance of your gutter, inspect and clean them regularly, check them for cracks, rust and sagging and call roof company Southlake area to remedy the issues that you detect on the spot.

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