practical roofing system tipsThe best roofing systems might be durable and resilient, but not even the most expensive ones can guarantee energy efficiency in some cases. This is certainly the case for some types of slate roofing, which can last for more than 100 years, but won’t be as effective as metal roofs when it comes to reducing the fuel and energy consumption of your HVAC.


If you want to make sure your home uses less energy to get warm or cool down, then you have to consider some of the following recommendations:


  • If in doubt, rely on metal. Steel and copper roofing systems will provide you with the best choice for energy efficient and resilient roofing, being typically rated at more than 50-70 years in terms of their warranties.
  • You can save energy and reduce the carbon imprint of your home by using green roofing. Having a beautiful green area on top of your home will not only create more shade and oxygen, but also contribute to a cooler environment in and around your home, that will no longer require your HVAC to work overtime during those hot summer months.
  • Finally, solar panel roofing is considered to be the most energy efficient type of roofing you can install. Able to protect your house from sunlight by transforming it into electricity, this type of roof will even allow you to give back unused energy to the grid, sometimes serving as a form of passive income.  Get the best roofing solutions from a local company like CLC Roofing of Southlake.