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    Protecting Your Home Exterior From Storm Damage

    A Roof Company Can Help You Protect Your Home Exterior

    Storm damage can affect the exterior of your home in multiple ways: walls and siding materials damaged by hail, fallen trees or flying debris, as well as broken windows, water penetrations etc.

    As a homeowner, especially if you live in an area prone to frequent storms, protecting your home exterior should be a priority and the first thing you can do is staying up to date with weather information and warnings.

    Make sure you have a solid roof on the house and quality siding, well-secured to the walls. Schedule inspections at least once a year, to get a professional opinion from a roof company Southlake area on the exterior condition of your home and things you can do to fix vulnerabilities.

    Fences, light posts, dumpsters and ornamental objects around the house must be secured, to prevent wind from making them fly around and hit the house.

    Physical protection is not everything you have to consider. You must also understand you insurance policy (some types of damage may not be covered unless you consider another insurance option). Additionally, make sure to have pictures and photos of your home taken before and after the storm, to prove the damage by comparison, as detailed as possible. Having a list of major exterior home improvements and additional documents can also be very helpful when you make an insurance claim for storm damage.