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    Questions To Ask A Commercial Roofer

    Roofing is one of the most expensive investments not just for residential building owners, but also for commercial building owners, so it is critical to find an experienced and reputable roofer, instead of picking one randomly.

    There are a few essential questions you need to ask every commercial roofing contractor before hiring them to take care of your roof. Based on the information you gather, you can make an informed decision and avoid wasting money on mediocre services.

    1. What is your experience in the commercial roofing business?

    You do not need any roofer, but one with experience in working with the type of roof you have. Commercial roofs have their particularities, so you should look for a roofing contractor specialized in installing and repairing them.

    1. Can I see your license and certifications?

    Make sure that the commercial roofer you pick up is licensed in your state. It would be even better to be local, because you can keep in tough easier and benefit from emergency service when you need it.

    1. Who will supervise my roofing project?

    Even if a roofer is busy and has multiple projects going on, someone will have to be there to make sure your project goes as planned. Make sure you know who is that person (the project manager), to be able to keep in touch with them.

    1. What types of warranty will I get from you?

    Every operation performed on your roof by a reliable Southlake roofing contractor (from repairs and maintenance operations to a new roof installation) must come with a warranty. Ask about it and make sure it is fair and valid.