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    Questions to Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

    questions to ask the experts roofers

    One of the moments that most homeowners dread is when they realize that the roof on their building needs either replacement or extensive repair. The key to any major overhaul is a good roofing Southlake TX roofer – here are some questions to ask roofer candidates before hiring one of them:

    • Questions about licensure and insurance – roofer licenses are issued by individual states. The license issued to the roofer proves that the roofer can perform roof work legally, so it is a document that is essential to check. The other document that you should ask questions about is the roofer’s insurance policies – you need peace of mind, therefore you need a roofer who is insured;
    • Questions related to experience and longevity in the business – you need a roofing contractor who has been providing roofing services to happy clients for a long time and also one who specializes in the materials and the type of roof that you need repair or replacement for, so you should ask the roofer to provide references and a portfolio of previous clients;
    • The roofing process – ask the roofer to explain to you every step of the roofing process and ask questions about how the debris generated during the process will be disposed of.

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