Recommendations Roof Leak Repair Winter Solutions


Incorrect installation of the cover and sometimes incorrect overall roof design are the main reasons for leaks and infiltrations. These lead to the occurrence of several problems, such as:

  • water infiltrations in the attic and the insulating layer of the roof, canceling its energy-efficient properties
  • walls and ceiling damage
  • short circuits caused by water getting into contact with electrical cables
  • moisture in the attic, with all its consequences, including mold-related issues.

Localization of the roof leak can be made both from the inside and outside of the house, from the attic, or by climbing the roof. Sometimes it takes time to find the leak, especially as water tends to flow through the pipes and surfaces before reaching the ceiling.

If you are lucky, the problem is just above the leak, so mark this position before you get onto the roof. A house with an attic requires an in-depth check after any signs of water or damaged insulation are detected.

The best roof leak repair recommendation is hiring a professional roofer. Professionals in roof leak repair Southlake area have experience, as they know how to find problem areas even when they are not so visible. If necessary, they also use the infrared method to detect leaks and roof areas affected by water infiltrations.