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    Roofing Materials and What to Do When Pests Take Over

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    While some types of roofing, including metal, clay, slate and some synthetic roofing materials, are impervious to pests, other materials, such as wood and asphalt shingles seem more attractive to animals, but whatever covering material is used, most roofs have wooden components that make them sensitive to pest attacks to a certain extent. The smaller and larger invaders known collectively as pests can attack your building any time, but they become more of a threat when the weather outside turns cold and nasty and all animals start looking for shelter where they can survive winter and lay nests for their young ones. If you find unwanted visitors, such as birds, bats, mice, termites, bees or ants, nested in or underneath your roof, don’t despair – here are some ways to get rid of them:

    • Call a professional exterminator – pest exterminators are familiar with pest behavior, they know how to find the intruders and how to drive them away. Many specialists nowadays offer pest-friendly elimination methods, making the pests leave on their own, rather than killing them;
    • Do it all yourself – the first thing you will need to do is to seal all entry and access points (if you want to drive away the invaders, leave one hole through which the animals can leave the premises). Research possible ways to stop the invasion and pick the safest, most comfortable way, then, when you are sure you no longer have harmful guests, assess and repair the damage they have caused. Make sure to clean all the residues they have left behind – pest excrements and other residues might be harmful for health.

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