What Should I Do Roofing Contractors Commercial Residential

Residential roofing is not so similar with commercial roofing. Yes, they are all about roofing after all, but there are significant differences in terms of technologies and materials.

Commercial roofs are typically simpler. They are almost flat (the slope is not visible without technical measurements), with a surface that allows storing heavy equipment such as HVAC units, antennas etc. and which may even be transformed into a relaxation area or a rooftop garden. On the other hand, residential roofs are pitched, some of them have more than 1-2 slopes, as well as intricate shapes. They are destined neither for storage, nor for traffic, but they create an indoor attic space, which can still be used for storage, or transformed into an extra room.

Considering these differences, residential and commercial roofs require different covers. A flay roof is typically covered with modified bitumen or rubber membranes, while the cover materials for pitched roofs include shingles, tiles and shakes.

The technologies behind the installation of residential and commercial roofs are obviously different too.

Therefore, hiring a commercial Southlake roofing contractor to fix your residential roof is not a good idea, unless you find a big company, which has the resources to deal with both roofing types. In general, local contractors focus their activity on one type of roofing, becoming specialized.