Roofing Company Roof ReplacementEvery roof needs to be replaced eventually, so here are some signs that indicate the roof on your building is approaching the end of its life:

  • The roof is old – many roofs, especially the ones that have been well-maintained, can live well beyond the end of the lifespan they have been warranted for, but even so, the end of the roof’s warranted lifespan indicates that the roof might need replacement soon;
  • Structural problems – one of the most common signs of structural issues is sagging caused by the bending or other deformation or damage of the roof’s support beams. The problem is usually severe and in most cases it can be solved only through replacement, but the best way to find the best method is to turn to a roofer who will inspect your roof and determine whether the roof can be lifted until the damaged beam gets replaced or the entire roof structure needs to go;
  • Frequent leaks – if you get one leak fixed and the next one appears soon, it is a sure sign that the roofing problem is serious and might require at least partial roof replacement;
  • Rising energy bills – a sign that your roof is becoming less energy-efficient by the day.

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