Roof Company Roofing Trends

Roof design, as many other fields of home design, is influenced by trends. Some of these trends are about colors and shapes, others are about other aspects of roofing – here are some that you should know about:

  • Environmental aspects – sustainable materials, manufactured with sustainable technologies are increasingly sought for by building owners, that’s why asphalt, metal and clay are among the most popular materials right now and they can be expected to maintain their popularity in 2020 as well;
  • Roofs that harness recyclable energy – roofs that are partially or completely covered in solar panels or in photovoltaic cells are increasing in popularity and so are the roofs that allow the penetration of more natural light without letting solar heat through;
  • Green roofs – the roofs covered entirely or partially in vegetation are also becoming increasingly popular for their great benefits, such as their ability to improve the quality of the air inside and around the building, to reduce heating and cooling expenses and to add unique, organic visual appeal;
  • Colored roofs – traditionally, the colors used on roofs did not reach outside the brown – red – terracotta palette. Modern roof, however, are much more colorful, the most popular shades for next year including shades of green, blue, yellow, even black.

No matter what type of roof you decide to install on your home, checking with a professional roof company Southlake area in advance is recommended.