Roof Company Advice On Roofing Products

Selecting an appropriate color for roofing shingles can be a real challenge. Depending on whether you’re more interested in curb appeal or in keeping your home warm during the winter, the following tips and recommendations should apply:


  • First, let’s consider the appeal of your home. What colors do you like? What colors would your family prefer? Is there a dominating color that people in your neighborhood use, that you feel would give your home more curb appeal? Also, how well would your chosen color go with the colors present in the landscape around your home and in your flower garden? Answering these questions should give you a fair assessment of the best color choices you can use for ideal curb appeal.
  • Now, for practical purposes, choosing a certain color mainly has to do with heating your home or keeping it cool. Most “cool roofs” feature lighter hues such as white, light gray or even reflective roofing colors like silver and various metallic hues. On the other hand, if you want your roof to keep your home warm and prevent you from using your heating system too much during the winter, then warmer and darker tones, such as crimson, dark magenta, brown and black should be the colors that are best suited for your roof.  Working with a roof company Southlake is home to, is the best way to determine all the factors that go into deciding which color is best for your home.