new roof construction roofing

Many homeowners believe that the process of installing a new roof is straightforward and can typically be completed without much hassle. However, even though some homeowners can actually complete the entire process themselves with extensive training and some experience, there’s a big difference between installing a typical, small asphalt shingle roof and setting up a complex system, which might also involve extensive work on repairing the internal structure of the roof, after the old shingles were removed.


The process itself first involves measuring the home and choosing the right products, as well as the correct quantity of materials. The old roof is then removed, and the roofers determine whether any repairs to the underlayment and decking might be required.


After the internal structure is fixed and prepared, the shingles are set in place one by one along with the flashing and any additional materials and upgrades that could be needed. The gutters and gutter guards might have to be removed as well and then set back into place or replaced by another gutter system after the new roof was installed.


Even if you’re used to technical and construction work, installing a large roof by yourself can be a very challenging as well as dangerous process. Your best choice is to leave it to the roofing Southlake TX pros and just make sure that you hire a dependable roofer who can manage the job without any unwanted mishaps.