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    The Tedious Process of Finding a Roof Leak

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    Incorrect installation of the cover, damaged materials and, sometimes, the incorrect design of the roof are the main reasons for the appearance of leaks and water infiltrations. These lead to the emergence of several problems such as:

    • water infiltration into the insulating layer of the roof, which cancels its thermal properties
    • damage to the ceiling and walls
    • the appearance of short circuits on the electrical cables that come into contact with the infiltrated water
    • moisture in the attic that generates the appearance of mold, etc.

    Locating a leak through the roof is not always a simple task because the water infiltrates, and the signs can appear far from the place that allows the leak. In addition, every element of a roof may cause leaks –cover materials, roof penetrations, the rainwater collection system, etc. We can talk about a rupture, a tear-off, a porous surface and the list goes on.

    To solve this challenge effectively, it is safest to turn to a professional Southlake roofer.  Roofing experts have developed and implemented, over time, a lot of ideas and solutions designed to help them in the process of identifying roof leaks. One of the newest methods is based on infrared technology, being very precise and easy to use.

    Instead of struggling yourself with the tedious process of finding a roof leak on your own, contact a local roofing company like that of that knows exactly what has to be done and is equipped to provide customers the feeling of safety and 100% coverage.

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