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    There Are Benefits To Impact Resistant Roofing Materials

    southlake benefits impact resistant  roofing optionsThere are mixed opinions about impact resistant roofing materials. They are more expensive than most other materials and many people question the worth of paying for such a roof.

    However, if you live in hail-prone area, you should definitely consider upgrading to impact resistant materials – and there are several good reasons for this.

    First, these shingles are tested for impact resistance (exposure to hail stones, flying debris etc.) and are rated from 1 to 4 (4 indicating the strongest materials). Prices also depend on this rating scale, so if the risk of hail damage is not too high in your area, you can opt for a more cost-effective solution.

    Impact resistant shingles can be made from different materials – metal, asphalt, rubber etc. and are definitely more durable, regardless the location of the building they are installed on. They resist to most threats that shred and tear away conventional shingles; additionally, you get up to 50 years product warranty.

    If you can afford it, impact resistant shingles represent an investment worth making because you will also benefit from lower insurance premiums. Your roof will be less susceptible for severe damage, therefore chances to file a claim are smaller.  See for all your roofing product options.


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