Helpful Tips To Finding A Roof Leak

Water infiltration through the roof can occur for several reasons, and the first step in fixing it is to locate the infiltration point. This is not easy at all, because often the wet area that appears on the walls or ceiling is away from the actual source. Thus, in order to find the infiltration point it is necessary to inspect the roof thoroughly.

If you have a pitched roof, the easiest way to do this is to go to the attic and identify roof areas where the light comes in, which is an indicator of damaged or missing tiles. Also, look for moisture along the beams and even in the insulation material.

Another way to find the source of your roof leak is to climb the roof and inspect different parts of it. The drainage system may fail to collect the water properly and evacuate it away from the building, or flashing may be damaged. In case of a flat roof, you may also notice areas where water is ponding, which also favors the apparition of leaks.

Repairs must be performed as urgent as possible to prevent more serious problems. If the structure is not damaged, these repairs are not complicated or costly and are typically performed quickly.

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