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    Tips for Preparing for Your Roof Replacement

    Roofing Roof Replacement Tips

    Removing your old and damaged roof and replacing it with a strong, energy-efficient and attractive new roof is an excellent investment and an exciting project. The process is also complex and it can be lengthy, too, so you need to prepare for it thoroughly – here is how:

    –         Relocate kids and pets – roof replacement involves lots of noise and dust and moving around in the building area can be dangerous, too, so try to move your kids and pets for the duration of the project to protect them;

    –         Move your vehicles to safety – roof replacement is likely to involve objects being thrown from heights, so make sure to remove your vehicles from the area that surrounds your building;

    –         Protect your outdoor furniture – your exterior furnishing items can also get damaged during roof replacement and they can become obstacles, too, so make sure to remove all of them;

    –         Protect your belongings in the attic – roof replacement involves the removal of the old roof, heavy traffic, dust and debris in the attic area, all of which can harm the objects that you store in your attic. Move whatever you can from the attic and cover in foil the objects that you cannot remove, it is the best way to keep them from harm.

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