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    Tips for Winter Roof Maintenance

    Money Saving Roofing ContractorPreparing your roof for the coming winter is as important as prepping your car for the cold season. A poorly maintained roof is threat to your comfort and safety, but the lucky thing is that winter roofing maintenance is not very difficult to do – here are some of the most important tasks:

    • Roof and gutter cleaning – the best way to wait for the first snow is with a clean roof and clean gutters. Any debris that accumulates on the roof surface or in your gutters and downspouts can become dangerous for your roofing, causing leaks, damaging roofing components and ice damming. To make sure that your roof is clean when snow and frost come, climb up to the roof with a bucket and a scraping tool, then remove any accumulation of fallen leaves, twigs, dust and other debris you find up there;
    • Inspect the roof – making sure that the roof is strong and healthy is also important. During your roof inspection, pay special attention to problem areas, such as roof valleys and flashing stripes. Look for exposed fasteners and damaged roof covering components, such as buckling, curling and exposed shingles, cracked or missing tiles;
    • Get all the issues fixed – the timely repair of any roofing issue by a Southlake roofing contractor is essential for having a safe and strong roof that can withstand whatever the winter brings along.

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