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    Tips on How to Do Efficient and Safe Spring Cleaning for Gutters

    Roofing Gutter Cleaning Tips

    The health and the cleanliness of your gutters is as important as the health and cleanliness of the rest of the roof – dirty, clogged, damaged or sagging gutters are unable to drain water properly from the roof, potentially causing damage not only to the roof, but to the walls and to the building foundation as well. Spring is the best time to assess and repair any damage sustained by your building during the winter – here is how to make sure that your gutters are clean and intact:

    • Pick the right time – gutter cleaning is best done when the weather is dry and nice;
    • Grab the right tools – you will need a stable and sturdy ladder, a bucket, a scraping tool and a brittle brush, as roofing Southlake TX professionals make it look easy when it’s not;
    • Pay attention to safety – make sure that the ground under your ladder is hard and even. If you cannot find such a spot, place a plank or a wooden board under the ladder. Make sure that the ladder is safely anchored to the roof as well. Use the right clothes, too – sturdy work shoes that ensure proper adherence are essential;
    • Do the cleaning – use your tools to scrape and to remove any clogs and debris from the gutter pipes. Perform a thorough inspection of the clean gutters, looking for cracks, rust, sagging, loose fasteners and other signs of damage and fix any issues as quickly as possible.

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