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    What Advanced Services Can a Roof Company in Southlake Help You with?

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    Installation of solar panels

    While the installation of solar panels has become easier and more popular over the years, it is still not a typical roofing service. Even a qualified roofer needs extra training to install solar panels, as they need to be familiar with permitting requirements and various local regulations to complete the installation safely and reliably.

    In addition, a Southlake roofer specialized in solar panel installation can also provide you with options, solutions and advice on how to use renewable energy.

    Installing a green roof

    A green roof is, without a doubt, a living roof. The idea of ​​restoring to nature some of the vegetation destroyed by the real estate development is salutary. There are Southlake roofing companies that can turn your roof into a garden!

    Installing a cold roof or transforming the existing roof into a cold roof

    According to a researcher on the effect of urban heat island at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, sun-heated dark surfaces can become up to 70 degrees F (40 C) warmer than most light-colored surfaces because dark colors absorb heat instead of reflecting it. Specialists use either reflective materials, such as metal or white paint and or coatings that can be applied on different roofing materials, to increase the overall energy efficiency of a roof.

    No matter what type of new roofing you are thinking about getting, be sure you know the roof company Southlake offers and that they do quality work and is specialized in the type of roofing you choose for your home.

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