composition roofing tiles Southlake TX

Composition shingles are synthetic products made of a mixture of several roofing materials. For example, thermoplastic composite tiles are a novelty and have many advantages in terms of quality/ price ratio. They are made of quartz sand with small granulation and bonding polymers, with high chemical stability and physical strength. This type of shingles does not break – manufacturers guarantee their integrity even after a fall or rough transportation – and are easy to be cut to the desired shape.

Another advantage is the light weight: composite shingles are 1.7 times lighter than ceramic tiles and 2.4 times lighter than concrete. The thermoplastic composite does not allow the appearance and development of mold or algae on the roof`s surface; by comparison, ceramic tiles darkens after 3-5 years, precisely because of the mold and algae that grow in the pores, destroying the structure of the material.

Composite shingles withstand 200 freeze-thaw cycles, compared to only 50 cycles for ceramic tiles. They also provide good thermal and sound insulation, compared to metal shingles. Condensation is 3 times lower than for ceramic tiles and 10 times lower than for metal shingles. This type of material absorbs very little water. It resists the action of ultraviolet rays due to the quartz in its composition, which protects the material against discoloration.

Composition shingles are mainly used in roofing Southlake TX homes and are installed quickly and can be nailed. They come with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, but their lifespan can reach 50 years.