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    What Are Some of The Similarities Between A Commercial and A Residential Roof?

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    Commercial and residential roofs look different and are made from very different materials, but they are both needed for protecting buildings from the elements and they both seal buildings from the top, therefore they share many features. Here are some similarities:

    • Both roof types need regular maintenance – commercial and residential structures need to be maintained every six months, in spring and in summer, to detect any faults that have appeared during the previous period and to prepare the roof for the coming season. The maintenance for both roof types needs to include roof cleaning and roof inspection and the process should be extended to the drainage system as well;
    • Timely repairs by a Southlake roofing contractor are essential for both types of roofs – whatever fault is detected during the roof inspection or between maintenance sessions, it needs to be addressed right away. Whatever material a roof is made from, minor issues can turn into severe faults almost overnight, therefore timely repair is very important;
    • Impact prevention – while not all impact can be prevented, the problems caused by tree limbs torn off old trees by a storm and dropped onto the roof can be prevented. All roofs are somewhat sensitive to a certain extent, therefore tree maintenance is very important for the health of commercial and residential roofs alike.