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    What Do Roofers Do to Protect My Property While Roofing My House?

    roofers protected grass new roof installation

    Installing a new roof is a complex process on a new construction, but the complexity increases if the roof is installed on a building that has been long used – buildings in usage pose special challenges and require specific measures to protect the contents of the building, such as the belongings in the attics and in the rooms as well as to protect the landscape around the building. Here are some protection measures used by roofers:

    • Fastening tarpaulin sheets – tarp is a strong and durable material that comes in large sheets that are usually fastened in a way to protect the walls and the windows of the house while the roof is under installation. Tarp can also be used to protect the landscape;
    • Clearing the site – this is a process that can be performed by the homeowner before the roofing project starts or by the roofing team if that is the agreement with the contractor. Everything that stands in the way of the roof work should be removed, such as patio furniture, vehicles as well as the belongings stored in the attic;
    • Moving around on paved surfaces – your roofing contractor should pay special attention to protect your lawn. The roofing team at will move around only on paved surfaces to prevent lawn damage.  For quality roofing services look at

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