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    What Helps Prevent A Leaky Roof?

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    Just as the car, the computer and other devices/ appliances need maintenance, so does the roof.

    Most people, who install a new roof, have the impression that their job is done once the installation is complete. Many ignore completely the maintenance requirements and take their roof for granted. Unfortunately, this attitude may decrease the lifespan of their roof considerably, not to mention that they might not be allowed to make an insurance claim when they needed, because the lack of maintenance can void the roof warranty.

    Periodic roof leak repair Southlake area maintenance is something that has the fundamental benefit of preventing a leaky roof. Nobody likes to think about a leaky roof, but the fact that you ignore it will not make it fix itself, on the contrary.

    Maintenance operations should be performed twice a year, by professional roofers. They typically include:

    Inspecting the flashing

    Flashing is used to protect the most vulnerable roof areas: valleys and joints around roof penetrations. Damaged flashing is the most common cause of a leaky roof.

    Checking gutters and downspouts

    These are installed at the edges of the roof, having the purpose to collect rainwater safely. If they are clogged or damaged, water will be ponding on the roof, or leaking down along the walls, infiltrating easily. Gutter cleaning is an operation that must ne included in the general maintenance program.

    Checking the overall integrity of the roof (cover, insulation, ventilation, structure)

    How a Roof Leak in Southlake Is Fixed by Local Experts

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