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    What Months Of The Year In Dallas – Fort Worth TX Is My Roof Likely To Suffer Storm Damage?

    Storm Damage Roofing Contractor Help RoofThe Dallas – Fort Worth metropolitan area is located about 250 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, in North Central Texas.

    The climate in this region varies from humid subtropical (with hot summers), to continental (with a wider annual temperature range). Winters are generally mild, and summers are associated with low humidity, fair skies and westerly winds. However, 3-5 day periods of thunderstorm activity are common here. Thunderstorms also bring most of the annual precipitation.

    Although they typically happen throughout the year, thunderstorms in Dallas – Fort Worth area tend to be more frequent in the spring. Roof here are likely to suffer storm damage at one point, so if you live in this area, you must do your best to be proactive about your roof and make sure it can withstand these periods with harsh weather.

    Once a storm begins, you can do nothing to protect your roof; but you can do several things to make sure it is strong enough to provide proper protection to your home. Choose a quality roof in the first place and perform regular Southlake roofing contractor maintenance operations. Additionally, get an insurance policy that will provide you coverage if your roof suffers storm damage.

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