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    What To Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

    What You Need To Know About Roofing Company Repair Roofing LeakWater can give you a lot of headaches when you cannot find the source of that pesky infiltration and you go through all kinds of scenarios including  the failure of the  roof`s waterproofing and the necessity to replace the roof. Fortunately, in most cases, things do not have to go that far.

    Regardless of the nature of the infiltration, it is best to contact the roof`s manufacturer or the contractor that performed the installation, to clarify some aspects such as: the waterproofed areas, the vertical masonry where the insulation ends, the condition of the pluvial drainage system, the age of the waterproofing etc. and to make a plan about checking the possible causes of the infiltration.

    Roofs are made with strong structures that keep them functional and able to withstand the weather. Factors making them vulnerable include the quality of the materials, defective installation and extreme weather phenomena. In order to eliminate any suspicion, a leak test can be performed, either by controlled flooding, or by other modern methods that will help you identify the exact location where water gets in. If the roof proves to be in good condition after all, you must take into account other potential causes that generate the leak. There may be a portion of the masonry that facilitates the water leak, but you can never count out a broken pipe either.  When you first discover the leak or think there might be a leak contact for quick resolution.