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    What To Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

    Water Leak Roof RepairAll infiltrations through the roof are caused by disruption of safe water drainage. It is usually difficult to detect the exact point where the water infiltrates, as the indoor stains may appear elsewhere; the water can run along beams and pipes and travel away from the source of infiltration. The easiest way to detect the penetration area is to inspect the roof carefully from the attic and also by climbing it.

    Once the source of infiltration is localized, the roof leak repair Southlake area process is not so complicated. Assuming there are no damage to the structure and there is no need to replace structural elements, you need some replacing materials (shingles, nails…) and you can start fixing the problem.

    If you have tiles on the roof and you experience water infiltrations, there are likely broken or missing tiles, because of direct or indirect wind damage. For example, falling tree branches may cause such damage. Broken tiles should be replaced as soon as possible.

    If water penetrates near the chimney, you will probably have to replace the flashings. You must also check the gutters and downspouts, as they may also be the cause of water leaks.

    Occasionally, the waterproofing membrane may be perforated, in which case it must be replaced. If you contact roofing specialists, they will usually recommend replacing the entire membrane, to eliminate all potential infiltration points, and not just patching interventions that do not always guarantee success.