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    What To Expect From Your Roof Inspection

    What To Expect From A Roofing Company Inspection

    As a building owner you can be sure that your roof needs your constant attention. Neglecting it and assuming that everything is ok without performing regular checkups can have disastrous consequences that will cost you more money than you want to think about.

    Having a roof company Southlake area perform regular roof inspections keeps you up to date with the condition of the roof (damages and ongoing problems), so you can take prompt measures and make the necessary repairs before they aggravate.

    Although a visual inspection from the ground can be performed anytime by the building owner, at least twice a year professional assistance is needed, because roofing contractors are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to check every detail and identify any potential vulnerability.

    During the inspection, specialists will follow a specific check list, according to the type of the roof and the materials it is made from. They will climb the roof and check not only damaged materials and accessories, but also signs of moisture and vegetation growth. They will be particularly careful with flashing and roof penetrations (roof vents, chimneys etc.), as these are the most vulnerable areas.

    When the inspection is over, you will get a report that includes findings, observations, costs and suggestions for repairs.


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