Look For Roofing Repair Leak

Strong storms are hard on roofs, leaving behind not only visible damage, but small, almost unnoticeable deteriorations. Missing shingles, torn gutters and cracked flashing are the most obvious signs that your roof has sustained hail damage, but there are other, much smaller signs of damage that also need to be addressed to prevent them from aggravating. Here are some signs of roof damage that are difficult to spot, but still very important to fix:

  • Missing shingle granules – the topmost layer of shingles consists of mineral granules that play the role of weatherproofing the shingles. If you see shingles with their core exposed or with loose granules, replace them immediately because they no longer protect your home from the elements and may lead to hiring roof leak repair Southlake area contractors;
  • Dents and hairline cracks on metal components – if you have a metal roof, look for dents and spots where the bare metal is visible. If your roof is made from some other type of material, but you have metal flashing or metal gutters – check each of these components for cracks and dents;
  • Loose or missing components – storms can loosen or rip off any part of your roof, so check for any exposed, lose or missing fasteners and missing roof covering elements.