roofing debris cleanup contractor help

Roof installation projects generate lots of debris that needs to be removed and in most cases, it also involves the installation of protective tarpaulin sheets that also need to be removed when the roofing is complete, and a good Southlake roofing contractor will remove the debris. Here are some clean-up processes that your roofer should handle:

  • Removing any fasteners that have fallen on the ground – in most cases, there are lots of nails, pieces of wire and other small, but sharp objects on the ground after the roof is finished. All these nails, wire pieces and screws need to be removed from the area around the house to prevent any accidents;
  • Discarded sheet metal pieces – most roofing projects involve the cutting and the fastening of sheet metal as well. The discarded pieces should be found and removed when the project is complete;
  • Old roofing materials – if the roof replacement project involves the removal of the old roof, the resulting debris should be collected and hauled off at the end. Some types of roofing materials can be taken to a recycling center, others need to be taken to a junk yard;
  • The tarp – the large sheets used for wrapping around the building and the larger plants in the landscape also need to be taken away by the roofing team.